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could be us

…but you playin
Moments in Venice sporting my favorite Skyline Bootcut @paigedenim jeans | #LIVEINIT | cc: @californiasleeps


Let me assure you: I will wait… for you. I will no longer date, socialize, or communicate with carbon copies of you to appease my boredom or to quench my thirsty desire for attention and short lived compliments from sorta-kindas. You know, he’s sorta-kinda right, but sorta-kinda wrong.

What an awesome spoken word performance! I love how passionate this form of poetry gets, and this girl has some AWESOME points!

This girl is giving me LIFE!! Totally worth watching.

Being a virgin in this day and age is like being a unicorn.

12. June 2014


Reblog if you’re a unicorn too..!

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